Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smuggs Backcountry

Here's a quick little story/shot from today

"Meet Prescott.

We met him today in the liftline at Smuggs after he moved to Vermont after living on Cape Cod. Rogge, being the welcoming person he is, invited Prescott to come along as we shot some photos. Here's a shot of one of the best (and lucky) falls I've ever seen. Prescott came down through a chute, barreled through a couple icicles and then ate it. He kept sliding for the 50 ft until he reached me where I was taking pictures. I was able to deflect him from hitting a tree and in the process, sent the two of us skirting down another incline for an additional 30 ft all while I was holding the camera above the snow as I slid on my back. Here's a sort of 'before & after.'"


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