Friday, April 3, 2009

Socked in @ JOSS...again.

The weather rushing in from the North Atlantic across Scandinavia has really put a damper on the ability to session some of the features for the Jon Olsson Super Sessions. Snow on Tuesday and rain yesterday and today has created some interesting conditions for this world class event. That said, I'm having a super fun time shooting here for Newschoolers with Schmuck. It's been good to meet a bunch of fun people, grab some shots when the athletes are out & about and just take in the warm, welcoming nature of the local population.

Team Canada loves signing autographs

Jeff from & the aforementioned Scandinavian hospitality.

In order to pay back the reception the event has received in town, the athletes headed to the village square to sign some autographs for a very psyched audience. Here's a couple of shots:


A few of the Red Bull ladies


Giving it back.

Jeff & I also paid a visit to the filmers & photographers just to check in with them in order to see how they were holding up under the pressure of having to present two weeks worth of their work during the JOSS Awards show. Surprisingly, most were fairing pretty well despite the 8 a.m. deadline that is approaching tomorrow.

Kris Ostness of Teddy Bear Crisis 2 fame

For a larger update on their moods under the gun, check out After speaking with them, we were able to lay low for a bit before heading out to a damp session under the lights on the Semi Floater. That is also included in an update here on Newschoolers.

Tonight, we head out to the Jon Olsson Invitational and the afterparty that follows. Check back soon!


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