Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Facebook, Twitter and Updates...Oh My?

I've returned from a relaxing weekend on Nantucket despite the hectic nature of Figawi. For my second trip to the island, both of which were during the Figawi yacht race, it was nice to slip away from the crowds in the center of town and explore the periphery; enjoying a more even pace of surfing (despite the lack of waves) and skateboarding (despite my non-skateboarding) and great food & friends.

Here's a few pictures from the weekend (more to come!):

the newer/older tacoma.

mark latter

read mckendree of readmckendree.com

In other news, I've also added a bit of new content to the right hand side of this blog. Should you dabble in the Web 2.0 world, feel free to follow me via Facebook & Twitter.

matt koelsch of lunchbox

Speaking of content, you'll find a new/full gallery of images from my shoot with Lunchbox at a house party in Boston. You'll find that here.


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