Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning

In hopes of clearing up some disk space on the three portable hard drives I have running, I've been going through the archives and deleting photos that I know I will never edit to produce a photo. As I've been doing this, I've come across of the fun assignments I've shot over the best year and have decided to share a few.
I've posted a couple of pictures of my friends from Chilmark during their set at Nectar's in Burlington way back in January. I've known these guys from highschool and even have a song named after me: "Brownroom" which was written in my dorm room when both Chris (the lead singer) and I were freshman at Saint Michael's College. I've heard their sound progress from it's infancy to one of the tightest, musically strong band around. You can check them out at their website and on their myspace page where you can download some of their music. Check 'em out.

Speaking of Nectars, that bar has probably one of my favorite lighting setups for clubs, besting Higher Ground which usually caters to the larger performers. The story goes that Phish got it's start at Nectars and it's still at most a $5-10 cover to hear a good band with reasonable prices for a beer, and let us not forget their Gravy Fries, which are definitely worthy of being capitalized.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

avec Le Meatheads

My Friday nights have not been going according to plan and by plan, I mean heading out with friends in Burlington for a few drinks, or alot of drinks. I swear I'm not ignoring my friends and/or have not gone all "temperance."

But rather, I've

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back to the Playground.

Here's a few shots from Edmunds Middle School's playground where Will Wesson and Andy Parry were slayin' a set of Monkey Bars that also happens to be one of the most brightly painted Rainbow Rail in the city of Burlington.

Andy Parry

Will and Andy monkeying* around.

*I'm tired and have no other clich├ęs.

Monday, March 3, 2008

the benefits of roommates (part two)

Roommate's significant others make better models.

Meet 'Tori.

the benefits of roommates.

So I share a house with three other people. An italian, another irishman...and a vegan. There's a joke there somewhere.

Anyways, the benefits of having roommates are that there's always someone around to shoot.

For example:

Meet Joe Gaetani.
A picture I made with a 10 minute setup.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

out and about.

Recently I've been going out and shooting skiers and snowboarders with a clear shot in mind, and lighting it as such. I've been doing this a lot. And I love it. But sometimes it nice to go out with my smaller camera (a canon rebel xt) and meet up with a few friends for a drink and listen to some music.

Here's what I got. Perhaps not technically strong, but I like them nonetheless.


I'm wondering how many people, at first glance, know what is illuminating her face. I know I wouldn't expect it at a bar.

This girl gets the "my favorite jacket of the year" award. A bright orange peacoat, which I've desaturated in PS.