Monday, April 28, 2008

Onion River Skateboarding.

I've been out shooting my friends skating around Winooski recently. I've always wanted to shoot skateboarding and have skimmed through a couple magazines to see how the action is captured. Keeping in mind, I went out with my camera so see what I could get. Here's a few shots:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Nectars, you're in my shot."

Some people like to brag about the number of shows they've been to in order to see bands like Dave Matthews Band or U2 perform. My own brother has been to 16 + DMB shows the last time I checked.

While I'm not as dedicated to my favorite musicians as my brother or any number of people who will drive 3 hours away to catch a show, I do, however, enjoy a good time close to home:

This past Friday I made it down to Nectars on Main St in Burlington (a 15 minute walk from my apartment) to catch my friends Matt and John perform. Making up 2/3 of The Old Silver Band, I've seen them play probably 50 + times, ranging from high school talent shows (where John performed in the Ursuline favorite "Rug Scandal") to the Hamel Hall men's bathroom where Matt wrote and recorded "Mandoline" when we both lived next door to each other while attending Saint Mike's. I'll always try to catch an OSB show whenever possible, provided I do not have anything important scheduled in the morning as the band is one that loves it sponsors (Magic Hat sponsored Friday's show) and will make sure the crowd always has a drink in hand.

Here's a few of my shots (the non alcoholic kind) from Friday:

Before the Old Silver Band went on, I was able to check out "MO2" at Club Metronome (located upstairs from Nectars). The drum & bass band was from San Francisco and was pretty good, wish I could of stayed for more.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Give me some sugar.

Thought I'd make a quick post with some pictures I made this weekend at the Smith residence in Barre. I had the chance to go "Sugaring" with some friends. Here's a few quick edits:

Why Photographs Matter.

The 2008 Pulitzers were announced today. Among those who received an award was Preston Gannaway who's a staff photographer for the Concord Monitor (NH). She received a Pulitzer for feature photography. This is why photographs matter:

It's upsetting, but a must see.

- Dan

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kapitol in Alaska.

Got a pleasant email from Bert from Meriwether. Seems the boys from Louisiana will be playing some shows up in Alaska and they've used one of my photos in the Anchorage Daily News to advertise the show.

It's always good to get a photo in print despite the missing photo credit. They're releasing an album coming out this Spring, you can check out their music at their website or their myspace page. I've also posted some of the photos I took at during their set in Burlington, VT on "Kapitol on Flickr."

Battle My Crew

Head over to the "Kapitol on Flickr" for more shots from 382's "Battle My Crew."